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Tennis Engineering prides itself on providing the appropriate amount of service for each project without piling on unnecessary hours.  We can take a project from concept and costing to complete design and construction support.  Our services include:


Our bridges are designed with simplification of construction as a top priority.  This results in the most economical structure for each site.  We design bridges for private parties and public entities.  Our engineers keep updated with the latest technologies and most recent codes to provide each client with a modern design.


We provide engineering services to contractors during construction of heavy civil and large commercial projects.  Services include design of detour bridges, work bridges, falsework, formwork, cofferdams, containment systems, jacking systems, excavation shoring, structure shoring, translation systems, erection plans, shipping plans, demolition plans, and more.



Architects and Drafters can rely on us for their structural engineering needs.  No project is too big or too small.  We strive to provide fast turn-around while seeking out places we can economize building materials.  Our staff is capable of designing wood framed, steel, concrete, and masonry structures.  We will also work to utilize any modern engineered material a project might require. 

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